Do you see yourself as the Shonda Rhimes or maybe J.K Rowlings? Do you ever wonder where they started? Wherever they started, if you hope to achieve even such success, you can be sure that you need a strong foundation in writing. This course provides just that!

Each module in this course explores fundamental grammar and writing strategies that will make your journey to becoming a writer more successful. 

This course begins by reintroducing some of the basic mechanics of English composition rules and understanding appropriate tense, verbs, and adverb usage. You will also learn about descriptive writing and how to use the main pre-writing techniques such as mind mapping and freewriting. Finally, you will receive an extensive series of lessons on how to write the most common essay types.

This pre-writing course is a well-rounded program that will give you the knowledge and confidence to develop into an exceptional writer.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completing this course, you should be able to: 

  • Become competent in the use of technology and Microsoft Word. 

  • Employ the mechanics of basic English composition.

  • Understand the appropriate and correct use of tenses.

  • Comprehend the correct use of verbs and adverbs.

  • Understand English on an age-appropriate writing level. 

  • Recognize and apply the stages of the writing process.

  • Write a narrative, persuasive, or informational English Essay.  

  • Develop points and support claims with evidence and examples.

  • Develop skill and fluency in sentence mechanics and grammar. 

  • Compose grammatically correct sentences that flow and blend in seamlessly, forming a well-written piece.

  • Prepare for the 8th-grade proficiency test.

  • Prepare yourself for High-School writing skills.

  • Decrease your writing anxiety.

Course Timeline:
Module One: Review of Basic Writing Skills In this module, we will learn about the English Language's basic elements, such as punctuation, verbs, adverbs, and tenses.
Yay! You have successfully completed module one and can now move on to module two! Be proud of your progress! In this module, we will learn about descriptive writing and how to paint a clear picture with your words.
In this module, you will learn about the importance of critical thinking and how you can become a better critical thinker.
Hi kids! Welcome to the pre-writing course that will prepare you with everything you need to know to be the best writer possible. In this module, we will learn about developing a mindset that will help you become a successful writer in life.
This module is all about unleashing your creativity. Yes, syntax and grammar are essential, but those are not the focus of this module. In this module, we will learn about the technique of Freewriting and how it can help to supercharge your creativity and make you a better writer. 
There are many types of essays; do you know of any? Let's now look at the different types of essays and when to use each essay. 
In this module, you will learn the importance of the different elements of an essay and how to write an essay of your own.

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