Online Tutoring Services

TEA Approved

Global Advance Learning Association will offer high-impact tutoring with diversified learning for all student learning styles to support educational loss from COVID-19. Our tutoring services integrate COVID-friendly teaching strategies while keeping students and parents engaged during the student’s learning milestones.

The GALA Services Include:

  • High-Impact tutoring practices focusing on 1:1 and small group tutoring two times per week.
  • High-Impact tutoring in Pre-Writing, Grammar and English literacy, and Math for student’s 5th-12th grade. Excessive engaging activities with audio and visual learning with hands-on exercises.
  • A combination of tutoring services with life skills and critical thinking engaging activities for adolescents ages 12 through 17.
  • Collaboration between GALA and school districts of need with Academic administrators and Educational Case managers.
  • Qualified Tutors for K-12 from among retired or current educators, professional instructors, student teachers, community volunteers, and leaders.
  • Educational Case Managers of school monitoring services to improve home interventions and monitor school truancy with ongoing family support services and home assessments.
  • Quality assurance checks, training and support, and supervision of tutors.

High-Dosage/High-Impact Tutoring

High-dosage or high-impact tutoring involves intensive tutoring that occurs in small groups on a sustained, regular basis during the school day to accelerate students' learning in an individualized way. It involves an intentional use of additional time focusing on building prerequisite skills while integrating new learning. High-dosage tutoring holds tremendous potential to help students recover from interrupted learning during COVID-19, and it can help close opportunity gaps for historically underserved students

Brief Description of the Organization and Its Services

Global Advanced Learning Association Inc. utilizes a virtual learning platform of Global Empowerment & Education to provide online educational services. We provide online tutoring services for K-12 and adult services for students and parents that need to learn English as a second language. Our tutorial services are 1:1 or 3:1 group ratio. Our ESL services can be taught in 1:1 or up to 15 in a group session, 2-3 sessions per week.

We continuously monitor and rigorously evaluate different programs, culling those that fall below expectations and replicating those that prove effective. We learn from experience to understand what works and tailor future high-impact tutoring programs to be executed more effectively.

Our team approach is to improve student test scores that are below the percentile passing rate. We'll help students maintain a high interest in academics by raising their self-esteem and self-sufficiency with effective teaching techniques. We will also increase parent and child interaction by improving student and parent engagement in student academic abilities. GALA also aims to assist parents with parent and child stability at home with weekly monitoring of at-home resources. It will improve students and/or parents that have language barriers and need assistance with speaking English as a second language.

GALA Training & Methodology Approach

GALA's tutoring programs will be designed to support data use and ongoing informal assessments, allowing tutors to tailor instructions for individual students according to their needs. High-impact tutoring will be directly tied to classroom content because it has the strongest evidence of effectiveness. Moreover, it will also enable tutors to support classroom instructions

GALA will ensure that students have a consistent tutor over time as it facilitates positive tutor-student relationships, improving the effectiveness of high-impact tutoring. When students have a positive relationship with their tutor, they become more motivated to learn.

Both online and in-person tutoring can be effective. GALA will provide online tutoring as it helps reduce costs and provide better matches between tutors' skill sets and students' needs with a greater tutor supply.

GALA aims to establish a strong partnership with LEAs and provide online tutoring services to K-12 and adult services for students and parents that need to learn English as a second language. Teachers, community members, and college students will lead our programs because these instructors can provide instructions more effectively. Our partnership with LEAs will allow us to craft a tutoring-based response to the massive COVID-19 learning loss.

Our Tutors will use high-quality teaching material. They will focus on addressing missed concepts that are most important to learning upcoming content. Moreover, tutors will focus on creating and delivering sessions around students' strengths and needs.

Who Can Enroll in Our Tutoring Services?

Anyone parent who feels their child needs tutoring services

Any public or private school district that needs a partnership to teach large groups of students

Any adult that needs services to help with their learning ability for work, school, or parenting

A community service or organization that needs services for a program of student learners

How can tutoring services be paid for?

Debit or credit card with online payment source, PayPal, After pay, donations, SESS grant voucher, or any other state funding voucher that’s been previously approved for services.

How much are tutoring services? Tutoring services are generally $35 per 60 min session. Bundle packages will vary per subject and online courses. Our language courses are typical $35-$40 per 50min session and are mostly held in groups. Some instructors may offer 1:1 sessions, which they would display on their course profiles.

How do I get services started?

You can call 1-888-688-8498 for assistance in selecting a tutor or instructor or go to a teacher profile and select days and times that you want services from their online calendar, then pay online. After payment is approved, then you will receive your student login credentials.