Have you ever thought, “What can I do for my child now to prepare them to become the future “boss”? Maybe your child has shown that they have an innate curiosity and desire to become an entrepreneur. So, when is the best time to start teaching your children about entrepreneurship? We have all seen the kids who start their six-figure business at 6, 10, or 12 years old. Your child can do it too. The truth is it’s never too early; the earlier, the better. 

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires developing specific attributes that will assist them along their journey. This Junior Entrepreneur Course is what your child needs to develop those crucial skills.

This course consists of six modules; each module teaches a child the requisite skills and qualities that they will need to prepare them for their entrepreneurial journey. In this course, children will learn to develop self-awareness and self-discipline to strive for success. They will learn how to enhance their literary skills to become critical thinkers while establishing independence. Finally, they will learn to explore and unleash their creativity and monitor their ideas with timelines.

This Junior entrepreneurial course is well-rounded and will give children the knowledge to develop the necessary qualities and skills to become successful entrepreneurs.

Course Timeline:
Introduction Hello students! I am happy to see that you made the decision to work toward your future. It may not seem like it, but you are among the most privileged of your peers. And by completing this course you are setting an excellent foundation for a successful future.
Before we begin this lesson, I want you to imagine that you are at a school fundraiser and find out that one of the guests is a venture capitalist, who is looking for the next thing to invest in.  She heard about your business and wants to hear more about it. What would you say? Do you believe you have what it takes to convince her to invest in your business?
Research says, over 90% of entrepreneurs say that their reason for becoming entrepreneurs is because of the level of independence it affords them. But you must also understand that independence is not just about not having to answer to a boss. Independence means you need to know how to get the job done by yourself. It means all the responsibilities for running the business, managing the finances, and everything in between all fall to you. It means that when you grow your business and begin hiring staff, you will need to be the leader that they need, that your business needs. The awesome thing is that these are all things that you can learn to do, and you will do them better over time. 
Welcome to another exciting lesson; today's lesson is about adapting to challenges. You will learn how to manage adversity with confidence and resilience that will allow you to build your character and navigate the world as a young entrepreneur. Sometimes, when working hard to achieve your goals, there may be setbacks along the journey. But when there are setbacks, never give up; instead, be resilient to attain your goals.
Are you ready to learn how to become great thinkers? Let's begin! In this lesson, you will learn how to be creative thinkers.
We are now at the final module within this course; you're doing great. Keep it up. In this lesson, you will learn to develop timelines. A timeline will help you to organize your ideas.

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