Times: 50-minute sessions- Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 8:00 pm and Saturdays at 11:00 am Taught on Virtual Video (Vonage/Ring Central-Ongoing Course

Prerequisite: Educators ages 18 and up.

Books featured in the course:(optional to purchcase) My Home 

https://www.trafford.com/en/bookstore they can search for your book using your name, book title, ISBN, keywords, or your selected category.


The One Day House


Topic: Where we Live- Different types of homes

Welcome to Early Childhood intervention Academy where we focus on different topics/units using children's literature to educate the WHOLE child. Socially and emotionally responsive practices that reinforce, introduce and build language skills through different techniques and vocabulary development primarily using children’s literature as well as music, poems, chants, rhymes, audio, and videos. More courses to come!


Learning Objectives:

  • Use different texts (informational, non-fiction, realistic fiction, fiction) to create questions that will enhance vocabulary and language-building skills.
  • Use language, questioning, and vocabulary to discuss social and emotional topics found in texts.

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