Time: 50-minute sessions Mondays 8:00 pm and Fridays 7:00 pm.

Where:  Zoom

Welcome to Express Celebrate Share LLC!  In this hands-on lifestyle enhancing course Affirm your vision PART 2: Create, we focus on incorporating the goals you set for yourself during the Envision stage in Part 1.  We will use my tailor-made templates to create your vision boards that will allow your goals to stick BEYOND the creating of the vision board. With this  2nd course be prepared to have fun and you will be able to experience the accomplishments of affirming your vision!

Prerequisite: Adults ages 18 and up. 

Topic: Create and build your Vision Board

Description: In this instructor-led course, learn how to use the different techniques from Part 1 to create and build your Vision Board.  These techniques will improve the results of your vision board goals.  We will use the tailor-made templates that I have created to accomplish your goals during this course.

Materials needed:  Glue, scissors, images ( you can find your own in addition to the free images given in the course) markers (any wrting utensil)

Learning Objectives:

  • Use different techniques to plan and prepare and build your vision board.
  • Use techniques and vision board in daily life to accomplish personal goals.

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